"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage" Anais Nin

The Golden Scarab series is an adventure story about Oliver and his friends who resolve to recover and return Egypt's most precious artefact, The Golden Scarab. But the story touches on some deeper and very real issues. Courage and faith are dominant themes throughout both books and for good reason. We all encounter similar problems and challenges regardless of what age we are. Despite how resilient and upbeat children may seem, they still experience the fear of isolation, alienation and of never being good enough. But if children are raised to believe they can achieve whatever they set their minds to, then the chances are they most probably will. It's this sort of inner confidence that so often defines who we are and what we become. 

"Always remember, You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think" A.A Milne

'The Golden Scarab' is an adventure story that blends the innocent calmness of a small seaside community with the dark underworld of international criminals.

Oliver Berry is a naturally inquisitive teenager who visits his local museum to view an exhibition of artefacts. He inadvertently stumbles on a plot to steal the priceless Egyptian artefacts on temporary loan from the Museum of Cairo.

Warning signs and unexplained disappearances have fourteen-year-old Oliver and his friends wondering just who they can trust.

It’s only a matter of time before the artefacts will quietly disappear and with it a valuable slice of Egyptian history.


Target readership 10-13yrs.

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The Golden Scarab’s Secret is the sequel to The Golden Scarab.

Oliver and his friend Jake successfully intercept an international plot to steal and replicate priceless artefacts on loan from the Museum of Cairo. As a reward for his efforts in the recovery of the stolen artefacts, Oliver is invited on a tour of Egypt courtesy of the Egyptian Council of Antiquities.

But Oliver has a secret that he hasn’t shared with anyone, as he knows it will put his family and friends in danger.


Oliver and Jake discover a sinister operation working within the walls of the city of Cairo. Unaware they are being followed, it's a race against time to save Egypt's most cherished and powerful artefact. Mistaken identities and dangerous associations hinder Oliver’s ability to stay focused on his goal – to see the Golden Scarab back in the museum. Quite apart from its obvious value as a significant part of Egyptian history – it has an important secret of its own.

Unable to confide in anyone, Oliver attempts to resolve things on his own.

Time is running out and the valuable artefact must be returned to the Cairo Museum to prevent it disappearing forever.


Target readership 11-14yrs.

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"Thank you Lindy Davis for visiting Onepoto Primary – Room 4. The children were engaged in the session, hearing about Egypt and doing creative writing with you.  They are loving the Golden Scarab, especially reading it together as a class."   PAMELA BHIKA - ONEPOTO PRIMARY DEPUTY PRINCIPAL


“Sometimes I read a novel that is so intriguing that I don’t want to finish living in the world that it creates. This is one of those novels. A well written action/adventure/historical novel that will win you over quickly. Intermediate and high school students will get into it easily and anyone who likes Egyptology.”  BOB DOCHERTY— BOB’S BOOKS BLOG


“Well done on The Golden Scarab Secret which I enjoyed so very much.”  JIM MORA— BROADCASTER AND REVIEWER, RADIO NEW ZEALAND


“If you haven’t read the first novel, don’t worry it isn’t really necessary as The Golden Scarab's Secret is its own adventure that doesn’t require a lot of knowledge of the previous book. It is one of the most vividly descriptive novels I’ve read and if author Lindy Davis hasn’t been to Egypt, she has sure done her research. Everything about the setting – from the museums, the pyramids, tombs, and bazaars, readers are taken on a tour of the incredible sights of Egypt. Boys and girls will enjoy this story. It’s a fun read, an incredible adventure – but be warned, it will bring out the travel bug in the reader.”    JJ MCCONNACHIE— NZ BOOKLOVERS AND GOODREADS

“I enjoyed the Golden Scarab series very much. The characters were great and I found myself wanting to keep reading – that’s always a good sign. It had lots of mystery and intrigue. I’ll be passing the book on for others to read.



“What a great book to read. Getting rich textureout of the New Zealand experience is the issue. Lindy Davis is a fine writer and I’ve enjoyed reading The Golden Scarab very much.” PETER MURCHISON— ENGLISH STUDIES HOD,WESTLAKE BOYS HIGH SCHOOL, AUCKLAND


“What a joy for a teacher to witness children scrambling to get their hands on a coveted book. Not since Harry Potter have I seen students so eager to get a copy of the book. Author Lindy Davis manages to hook her reader from the start and reel them in through authentic settings.”   FIONA SAYES— YEAR 8 TEACHER, NORTHCROSS INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL, AUCKLAND


“This is a great book. It’s full of suspense and definitely keeps you reading.”   SHELL SAFARI READER REVIEWS 





‘The Quay to the Cove’ is essentially the result of inspiration and a story about food. This unique cookbook combines stories from the life of colourful British entrepreneur Lloyd Rooney, together with innovative recipes from his restaurants The Cove and The Quay, located in beautiful Northland, New Zealand.

Lloyd’s background in interior design combined with his restaurant experience in the heart of London, are all documented in this creative cookbook.

‘The Quay to the Cove’ details Lloyd’s extensive travels through the UK, Europe and North Africa, only to find the opportunity he was looking for on the opposite side of the world, in the heart of rural New Zealand.

Aside from being a cookbook, it’s a story about seeing opportunities and having the resolve to go after them. Dishes include taste sensations like snapper with Citrus and Lentil salad, Duck Cassoulet, Black and Blue Tuna, Beetroot cured Salmon and the signature dish from the South Pacific, Ika Mata. Packed with exciting new recipes, ‘Quay to the Cove’ is a coastal cookbook with a difference.

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BOOK COVER 2019-09-10 at 9.43.36 pm.png

Global Kitchen is not simply another cookbook, it’s a celebration of New Zealand’s multi-cultural cuisine.

It features a unique collection of recipes from exceptional coastal New Zealand restaurants. Featuring traditional food from the South Pacific, Asia, Europe and South America, it showcases 80 of the restaurants’ most popular dishes.

In addition, Global Kitchen explores the personal journeys and culinary passions of six head chefs on a mission to make their restaurant the best in the region.

So much more than just a cookbook, there are colourful stories about the chefs and what drives them to create their unique dishes.

Featuring a wide range of innovative recipes that are easy to follow, Global Kitchen acknowledges the diversity of New Zealand with dishes to suit every palate.

Green Curry Salmon Salad, Beef Cheek Massaman Curry, Curried Cauliflower Steaks, Scallops with Pea Puree and Proscuitto Caramel, Mechoui Smoked Lamb with Apricot Chutney and Smoked Kumara with Kim Chi, are just a handful of dishes from the Global Kitchen collection.


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