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Writing has been a part of my world ever since I can remember.

After studying journalism in Auckland and a stint in the Radio Pacific newsroom, I found my niche in print media. I've worked for 25 years in the magazine and newspaper industry for NZ Herald, NZ Outlook, Mindfood, Destinations, Style and FQ, among others.


My passion for in-depth interviews and investigative reporting saw a move to New Zealand Outlook magazine, covering stories in the political and social arena and then later a shift to Style Magazine to work as a feature writer, interviewing corporate giants, fashion icons, and international celebrities from the film and music arena. 


In between raising three children, I switched to freelance magazine feature work for Fashion Quarterly, Destinations, Good Magazine and Mindfood. 


With a life-long goal to write entertaining adventure stories for children, I enrolled in a Masters Writing course at Auckland’s Creative Hub and released my first children's fiction book 'The Golden Scarab'. The second book in the series ‘The Golden Scarab’s Secret’ was published in 2013.

My latest project, a lifestyle-cookbook ‘Global Kitchen,’ (New Holland 2019) is a vibrant collection of recipes from six of New Zealand's best coastal restaurants. The book is beautifully illustrated with colourful images by London-based photographer Grant Rooney.


Born and raised in Auckland, I consider myself more of a gypsy, enjoying travel and the possibility to discover new challenges. When time permits, I enjoy hiking, yoga and gardening.



Hidden gems

Lindy Davis discovers several hidden gems in the far north and deep south of the country.


Otago Daily Times

A trip down memory lane

Lindy Davis takes a trip down memory lane on the Twin Coast Cycle Trail.


Otago Daily Times

Spectacular adventure

Lindy Davis escapes overly congested Auckland for the wide open spaces of the Waitaki Valley.


Otago Daily Times

Lindy Davis looks at the creative talent behind the Sculpture Northland exhibition.

Northern Advocate

Wild at Heart

Best-selling author and nomadic adventurer Miriam Lancewood talks to Lindy Davis about her upcoming pursuit - an epic female wilderness expedition through New Zealand's South Island. 

Otago Daily Times

Flexitarian - The Future of Food

Times are changing – an awareness of the negative impact of livestock farming on the environment means more people are looking to take a plant-based approach to eating. 

Good Magazine NZ

Place of Plenty

A Northland retreat is in harmony with nature.

NZ Herald - Weekend

Helping Hands

One man's idea has developed into a global operation saving thousands of lives each year, all with a humble bar of soap.

Good Magazine NZ

The Good Life - Kicking back in a yurt

Going off-grid in the Waikato helps this English family live a healthier, wilder life.

Good Magazine NZ

The rise and fall of plastic

The eco-packaging heroes who are tackling the plastic problem, and how you can too.

Good Magazine NZ


It takes a vivid imagination to visualise a pair of red Tesla fender earrings or a canary-yellow Ferrari cuff, but CRASH jewellery is all about converting recycled metals into stunning pieces of artwork

Good Magazine NZ

Brewing for good health

Kombucha Craze - the famed fermented tea has truly gone mainstream. 

Good Magazine NZ

Educating for Life

When Gemma Sisia founded a school in Tanzania 10 years ago she dreamed of making a difference in just one person's life. Now more than 1600 students are receiving an education thanks to her vision and ongoing dedication.  

Mindfood Magazine.

The Mighty Molesworth

Discover the cycling tour that takes in top Marlborough vineyards, rugged high country and New Zealand’s largest working farm. 

Good Magazine NZ

Wild about the Galapagos

Blue-footed boobies and lava lizards, giant tortoises and sea lions - Lindy Davis enjoys her close encounter with the unique wildlife of these remote islands.

NZ Herald

Alive and Blooming

Hope and healing comes in unlikely forms. When a fall left Sydney mum Sam Bloom paraplegic it was a magpie that saved her and her family.


Good Magazine NZ

The Cacao Hunters

After more than 50 years as a global leader in the cocaine trade, Colombian farmers are turning to a new drug of choice: cacao. 

Good Magazine NZ

Liquid Gold

Lindy Davis talks to Northland beekeepers and discovers a growing export industry facing some big challenges.

Scene Magazine NZ

Sculpted Garden Art

Whangarei Quarry Gardens: blending stunning subtropical gardens with creative sculptural art is without doubt a winning combination.

Scene Magazine NZ

They Are Not Forgotten

It’s over 65 years since the liberation of Nazi death camps in Eastern Europe, but it’s a period of history that a lifetime cannot erase. Lindy Davis takes part in the March of the Living, a walk from Auschwitz to Birkenau, to remember those who fell during one of the most horrendous periods in modern history.


Mindfood Magazine.

A Force For Good

Growing up in a traditional Muslim household, former British Army Major Rabia Siddique has seen too much violence in the name of religion. She decided from the outset she wanted to be an agent for change. 


Mindfood Magazine.

Raw cakes entrepreneur now flying high

Angeleen Lewers is a Kamo- based entrepreneur whose healthy raw cakes have caught the eye of Air New Zealand. She talks to Lindy Davis. 

Scene Magazine NZ

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The Golden Scarab

The Quay to the Cove

The Golden Scarab's Secret

Global Kitchen

Cove book launch - Lindy Davis

Davis family at the book launch

Lindy with Carli at the book launch

Knight family at the book launch

Natasha Knight at the book launch

Lindy and Lloyd at the book launch

Lindy with Natasha at the Cove book launch

Jordan and Kristy at the book launch

Lindy with Carli and Richard at the book launch

Cove book launch - Lindy Davis

Cove Book launch - Lindy Davis

Cove book launch - Lindy Davis

Cove book launch - Lindy Davis

Cove book launch - Lindy Davis

Lindy at book launch of Quay to the Cove

Lloyd and Lindy at the book launch at the Quay

Book launch at the Quay - Lindy Davi

Lindy with Arthur and Sarita at the 'Quay to the Cove' book launch

Quay to the Cove book launch

Quay to the Cove book launch

Book launch at the Quay with Lindy, Mike and Lloyd

Book launch at the Quay

Head to head with the Sphinx at Giza

Scarab beetle on a tomb wall

Statues of the Colossi of Memnon

Camel rider at Giza - Lindy Davis

Camel rider at Giza - Lindy Davis

Statue of Ramses - Lindy Davis

Alabaster factory at Luxor

Step Pyramid - Lindy Davis

Mosque of Amr - Lindy Davis

Egyptians smoking shisha pipe

Entrance to Luxor temple

Khalili Bazaar - Lindy Davis

Khalili Bazaar - Lindy Davis

Book launch at PaperPlus

Book launch at PaperPlus

North Shore book shop window display

Top pick in Teens magazine


"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage" Anais Nin

The Golden Scarab series is an adventure story about Oliver and his friends who resolve to recover and return Egypt's most precious artefact, The Golden Scarab. But the story touches on some deeper and very real issues. Courage and faith are dominant themes throughout both books and for good reason. We all encounter similar problems and challenges regardless of what age we are. Despite how resilient and upbeat children may seem, they still experience the fear of isolation, alienation and of never being good enough. But if children are raised to believe they can achieve whatever they set their minds to, then the chances are they most probably will. It's this sort of inner confidence that so often defines who we are and what we become. 

"Always remember, You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think" A.A Milne


The Golden Scarab Series

"Thank you Lindy Davis for visiting Onepoto Primary – Room 4. The children were engaged in the session, hearing about Egypt and doing creative writing with you.  They are loving the Golden Scarab, especially reading it together as a class."   



“Sometimes I read a novel that is so intriguing that I don’t want to finish living in the world that it creates. This is one of those novels. A well written action/adventure/historical novel that will win you over quickly. Intermediate and high school students will get into it easily and anyone who likes Egyptology.”   BOB DOCHERTY— BOB’S BOOKS BLOG


“Well done on The Golden Scarab Secret which I enjoyed so very much.”   



“If you haven’t read the first novel, don’t worry it isn’t really necessary as The Golden Scarab's Secret is its own adventure that doesn’t require a lot of knowledge of the previous book. It is one of the most vividly descriptive novels I’ve read and if author Lindy Davis hasn’t been to Egypt, she has sure done her research. Everything about the setting – from the museums, the pyramids, tombs and bazaars, readers are taken on a tour of the incredible sights of Egypt. Boys and girls will enjoy this story. It’s a fun read, an incredible adventure – but be warned, it will bring out the travel bug in the reader.”    JJ MCCONNACHIE— NZ BOOKLOVERS AND GOODREADS


“I enjoyed the Golden Scarab series very much. The characters were great and I found myself wanting to keep reading – that’s always a good sign.

It had lots of mystery and intrigue.I’ll be passing the book on for others to read.



“What a great book to read. Getting rich texture out of the New Zealand experience is the issue. Lindy Davis is a fine writer and I’ve enjoyed reading The Golden Scarab very much.”   PETER MURCHISON— ENGLISH STUDIES HOD,WESTLAKE BOYS HIGH SCHOOL, AUCKLAND


“What a joy for a teacher to witness children scrambling to get their hands on a coveted book. Not since Harry Potter have I seen students so eager to get a copy of the book. Author Lindy Davis manages to hook her reader from the start and reel them in through authentic settings.”



“This is a great book. It’s full of suspense and definitely keeps you reading.”   SHELL SAFARI READER REVIEWS 



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